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Product Versus The Target Market

I would like your opinion on these 3 questions.

1. Watch this commercial.

What's interesting about the product vs. the target market?

What do you think about this commercial?
2. What do you think? How much is too much?

Retrieved 7-14-10
Gamers Question Amount Of In-Game Advertising In "Madden NFL 11"

3. Very interesting look at the future. What is your opinion?

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1. In watching the commercial, it is evident that the appeal is to women, though the average adult male is the target segment. The product is promoted as one that will provide physical appeal, regardless of the skills and talents (or lack thereof) a man possesses. In begs consumers to forget about the rational, when the man tosses the cake and saw, and to consider the more exciting aspects of the male female relationship, which is sex appeal.

2. While the ...

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Product versus the target market is examined.