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Value of Society on Cross Cultural Working Team Members

Identify the value of the society described in the article, based in part on these criteria,

- Individual versus collective
- Equality
- Time

How do these impact the selection of a global team?

See the article 'Cross Cultural Considerations' by the Alberta efuturecentre here: http://www.elcnetwork.ca/ebusiness/efc_cross-cultural_considerations.pdf

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- Individual versus collective

The value of the society described in the article is very high on the criteria based on individual versus collective. The reason for this is that every product needs to communicate the benefits of the product as well as its features. If we want to export our products to a country, then it becomes important to study if the behavior valued in that country is individual or group. For example, if the country values individual behavior then the benefits the product will bring the individual has to be given importance and if the country or culture values group behavior then the group behavior has to be valued.

In case of selection of the cross-cultural global team, the candidate must have the following abilities:

1. He must be able to recognize the degree of individual ness that is specific to the target audience of the website.
2. He must be able to devise benefits message in simple language that is appropriate to the individual or group buyer.
3. He must be able to evaluate the effectiveness of the message in terms of positioning on the individual versus collective ...

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In this solution the the value of the society described in the article is discussed with respect to individual verses collective, equality and time.