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Bad Grammar in Advertising

Can you help me with this? Thanks!

Find at least 3 examples of poor grammar on various Web sites, making sure to list your Web references. A description of the grammatical errors you found in each of your examples (wrong word, misspelled word, run-on sentences)

How should these examples be rewritten?

If you have one could you please provide your opinion on how this type of mistake reflects your personal opinion on the company, author, or editor?

How do you personally feel about the company given the grammar error involved?

I need several of these and have 7 so far. I need three more examples to complete this assignment. Thanks.
Please supply references for this and examples of their errors.

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Here are some examples I found online:




All of these businesses misspell the product/services they are selling.

The Patrice Denam Law Office is advertising her work in Family Law and, specifically, 'prenuptual agreements.' The correct spelling should be PRENUPTIAL. If she is such an expert in the field of ...