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Language Development - BF Skinner

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After returning from a shopping trip with his mother, little Tommy reported, "I goed to the store and eated candy." Why might a behaviorist such as B. F. Skinner have had some difficulty explaining Tommy's incorrect grammatical construction? What sort of theory could explain the errors? What would that explanation be?

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1. On B.F. Skinner's theory - 100 words
2. Impact on grammar construction - 100 words
3. Tommy's case - 100 words
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BF Skinner: Language Development

It is common to see parents reward their children for good behavior, and punish them for bad behavior and behaviors they want to rid their children of. This concept has been described by BF Skinner as operant behavior and operant conditioning. According to McLeod (2007), "Operant Conditioning deals with operants - ...

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