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Emotional & Social Development

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Describe parental influences on early emotional and social development. Consider the theories such as Skinner's Behaviorism, Bandura's Social Learning, Baumrind's Parenting styles.

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1. About the theory - 100 words
2. Impact on emotion - 100 words
3. Impact on social development - 100 words

This outline should cover what you need.

Early Emotions & Social Development

We as children, according to Aristotle were born as 'Tabula Rasa' - blank slates. Our cultural skills (i.e. language, social knowledge) we learn from our primary groups (family, friends, parents) as well as the secondary and referential social groups we take part in (schools, church, other community organizations). BF Skinner theorized proposed that there are 3 basic assumptions in the process of learning - first, that learning can be observed by the change in ...

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