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Literacy In The U.S. Today

So much of the world's information is at our fingertips these days and communication to the entire world can come in the blink of an eye. With all this access to so much information, has the literacy rate in the US increased over the past decades? Some say that it has decreased due to lack of personal interaction.

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The age of technology has made the world a reachable place with a lot of shortcuts. This has its good points and its bad. For the person seeking knowledge, there is so much more available and easier to seek. Decades ago students only had access to encylopedias that had limited information and sources. Now they may use a search engine that opens a plethora of information. This brings us to one of the bad points. Some people are losing the art of research. They don't know how to search through the library stacks or dictionary. This doesn't necessarily mean they are becoming illiterate, just losing a ...

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Is the age of information helping or hindering the literacy rate in the US? There are so many good things to be said for technology and the information that it provides and the speed in which it is provided. However, there are pitfalls as well.