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Marketing products and brand equity

Please pick one consumer- or business-oriented brand that you feel, based on what you have learned from your course reading this week or other expert opinion, has strong brand equity. Discuss the elements that most contribute to the brand's strength and leading position in its respective market. You may summarize each of these strengths in three to five short bullet points.

Then, pick a contrasting brand whose brand equity is not as strong or has slipped considerably recently and identify the brand elements that have accounted for this decline. Again, you may summarize these brand elements in pithy bullets.

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A brand with strong brand equity would be the Apple iPhone. Elements that contribute to this include:
-revolutionary technology. Apple tends to define innovation.
-intuitive design. The iPhone is easy to use. Doesn't need a lot of instruction. Simple. Consumers feel comfortable with product.
-cutting edge design. Apple has refined style through its simplicity of design.
-excellent customer service. Apple offers "genius" help ...

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This solution discusses products with strong brand equity,and the marketing elements which help to contribute to this strength. In addition, it discusses weaker brands that have declined and the reasons for the decline.