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Johnson and Johnson from the makers of proctor and gamble

PART 2: Secondary Research in the Databases

Johnson and Johnson by proctor and gamble.

Research the brand (Johnson and Johnson) using its Web site and articles from the internet to address how the brand does the following:

Identifies market segments and targets
Developed its brand equity over time
Positions itself in the market
This section of the assignment requires the use of articles from the internet.

Report should be two pages in length please provide all references used.


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Johnson and Johnson represent a brand that stands for human care in the world. J&J's market segmentation has become a total complete market champion. The company started with first aid kits and antiseptics but is now producing all kinds of products for any kind of care. It is targeting all markets and is even joining hands to target other markets. For example Johnson & Johnson have targeted a new market segment with some of their baby products. Their baby lotion and baby shampoo have gained tremendous acceptance with mothers. Hence mothers are a new market segment for J & J. With the same Baby products they have also targeted adults as J & J Baby Lotion is also the perfect 'grown-up body lotion'. Similarly with their medicinal products, hospitals are targeted but along with hospital, individuals also become the target market as everyone wants to be quick at attending an injury or medical emergency ...

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Johnson and Johnson from the makers of proctor and gamble are examined.