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    Strategic Practice Exercise

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    Please assist with the following, see attached "Strategic Practice Exercise" about Fortune Magazine.

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    1. Several incidents took place during the period that pushed Wal-Mart down from number one position in 2004. In 2006 Coughlin pleaded guilty to stealing money, merchandise, and gift cards from Wal-Mart. He had earlier claimed that the money was paid for anti-union project paying cash bribes. During this period the details of the class action sexual discrimination lawsuit became public. During this period there were employee protests against the inhuman personnel polices of Wal-Mart. A class action suit was filed against Wal-Mart where 200,000 workers were asked to work off the clock.

    2. There were several reasons why Apple reached the top spot. During this period Apple published a report about the actions it took to be an environmentally responsible company. It also introduced products that made it a top company. The PC and the iPod became attractive products. I-Phone strategy also made the company popular with stakeholders. These factors combined with the excellent financial performance pushed ...

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