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Marketing Plan to Promote a Business of Medical Equipment Sales

Marketing Plan

How will you promote your business in Medical Equipment Sales?

Address the following areas:
- Create a marketing plan for your business. This can be an e-marketing, traditional marketing plan, or a combination of both.
- Discuss the benefits of market research.
- Include a SWOT analysis and explain the four Ps of the marketing mix in your marketing plan.

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ABC Medical Supply plans to become a recognized name in medical supplies for patients at
home and in long term care facilities. Moving into both segments of the industry requires the
development of a fully integrated marketing plan that provides a unified message, but targets each
segment in a way that is meaningful to its members. For patients who are at home, the marketing
message should focus on why consumers will want to choose their products and services over others.
The same focus should be directed toward the long term care facility, though it is the staff the marketing
message needs to address, rather than individual patients, as staff typically make assess patient needs
and make decisions or recommendations on patient needs. Marketing for patients at home includes
emphasizing the personal touch, such as with the consultative sales staff, whereas marketing for
patients in facilities focus on getting the right equipment where it is needed, as quickly as possible,
so that health care staff can provide optimal patient care.

Marketing Channels

Many medical and health care supply companies have a web site used for promotion of
products and services. As ABC desires to become a competitive force in the region, marketing
communications should include developing a website that reinforces the marketing message. The
eMarketing message will also be separate for both patients at home and those in long term care
facilities. Each sector will be able to access a catalog and an explanation of services, from the home
page, based on whether for home or long term care facility use. The home page will be used to
provide access to other links, such as information about the company, its mission and vision statement,
as well as why patients can benefit from the use of ABC supplies, over competitors. Fast service and
quality affordable supplies, including a description of how purchasing used supplies can benefit the
patients are provided on the home page. For home patients, the specific pages and catalog geared
toward them will include a brief explanation of how used equipment is refurbished and certified and
why it is a good choice for those who are on a limited budget and must pay out of pocket for supplies.

For those in long term care facilities, an explanation of how faster service will benefit patients will be
the main focus.

Each target segment will be provided the option to send email inquiries directly to ABC staff or
to call the sales number provided, to arrange for a consultation or delivery of specified equipment. An
ABC sales representative will travel to all regional facilities for a personal introduction of the company
and the types of equipment it offers, while also leaving printed advertising material, such as brochures.
Because many elderly patients at home do not use email frequently, a mass mail marketing campaign
to residents in the region, based on birth dates of voter registration rosters and other public documents
that indicate the resident is a senior citizen. In addition, members of the sales team will visit physician
offices that see and treat senior citizens, introducing the organization and securing permission to leave
brochures in the ...

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