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McDonald's Corporate Strategy (evaluation)

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) From the case study and the McDonald's corporate website, what do you believe is the strategic plan for the company?

2i) What organizational strategies do they employ?

3i) How does the strategic plan influence their marketing efforts?

4) What type of marketing mix do they use to achieve their marketing goals?

5) What other organizational and marketing strategies does McDonald's use that makes them successful?

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Dear Student:

There wasn't a great deal of information on the McDonald's main website, and thus I had to go to other sources to answer your questions. I hope this helps! I think you will find all of your questions answered in the following paragraphs:

According to Thompson & Strickland (2001) in 1999 McDonald's was the leading food service retailer in the global consumer marketplace, with a strong brand name and system wide restaurant sales approaching $35 billion; over the past ten years, the company's system wide sales had grown an average of 8 percent annually and its stock had provided a 20 percent annual return to investors. In addition, according to this site, McDonald's food-quality specifications, equipment technology, marketing and training programs, operating systems, site selection techniques, and supply systems were considered industry standards throughout the world; its vision was to be the world's best quick-service restaurant-being the best was defined as consistently satisfying customers better than rivals through outstanding quality service, cleanliness, and value.

According to Thompson & Strickland (2001) the company's strategic priorities were ensuring continued growth, providing exceptional customer care, remaining an efficient and quality producer, developing people at every level of the organization, sharing best practices among all units worldwide, and reinventing the fast-food concept by fostering innovation in the company's menu, facilities, marketing, operation and ...

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McDonald's corporate strategy is evaluated. How the strategic plan influences their marketing efforts is determined.