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    Case Study: Papa John's strategic management plan question three

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    Suppose you are the CEO of Papa John's Pizza, and McDonald's announces a new marketing plan that includes adding pizza to their menu. Identify how would you compete with them in your strategic planning and explain your reasoning.

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    As CEO of Papa Johns, facing the announcement from McDonald's would require an immediate evaluation of our competitive strategy. McDonald's is a fast-food industry giant. While they are a formidable force in the industry, the chain would be a new entrant into the pizza sales industry. There are a multitude of factors I would like to consider before developing our response strategy to McDonald's.
    First, what type of product line will they be offering to their customers? A key component of their strategy will be variety. ...

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    This solution will provide the information needed identify necessary changes to Papa John Pizza's marketing plan in order to compete with McDonald's menu changes. The answer takes into account multiple aspects of strategic planning and reasoning behind suggestions.