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    1. How would you describe Papa John's competitive strategy along the lines of the Porter and the Miles and Snow typologies? Support your response.

    2. Do Papa John's marketing and production (service) strategies support its competitive strategy effectively? Provide examples to support your answer.

    3. Suppose you are the CEO of Papa Johns, and McDonald's just announced that it would begin to serve pizza in and deliver from all of its restaurants in the United States. Would you make any changes to your competitive strategy? What additional information would you like to have before you make your decision? Explain.

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    1. Papa John Pizza competes on the basis of differentiation by strategically targeting a broader consumer segment. Papa John uses high quality ingredients and quality customer service and internet structure to take advantage so that pizzas are ready to pick up or deliver. By adding sandwiches and salads to the menu offerings, Papa John's has offered a healthy alternative to pizza. Papa John's has always distinguished itself from competitors by using only fresh ingredients. It comes on the top of the list in customer satisfaction ratings among all fast food restaurant chains.

    Miles and Snow topologies classify business units into four strategic types: prospectors, defenders, analyzers, and reactors. Papa John pursues a defender strategy in the fast food market segment. Papa John pursues a stability strategy in the market where its competitors are expanding rapidly. Papa John's tries to protect its domain by offering better quality and better service than ...

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