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    Case Study: Papa John's Strategic Management Model

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    What strategy does Papa John's appear to use in its strategic management model. What challenges and opportunities does this present?

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    In analyzing the strategy used by Papa Johns, they appear to primarily use a defender strategy. As a company, they appear more focused on holding their current position and maintaining the status quo, than they do on innovation or entering new markets. While they are heralded for the quality of their product, as a whole the organization still has not expanded their menu to level of their competitors.
    Papa Johns has shown some interest in expanding in ...

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    This solution of 297 words provides the student with the relevant information for question one of the case study: Papa Johns strategic management model on both the local and international level. The challenges and opportunities that the strategic management model presents is provided. The contributing factors factors to Papa Johns strategy is the fact that the organization is primarily supporting franchisees as opposed to operating their own restaurants.