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McDonald's Strategy Analysis and Efficacy

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I need to locate strategy information on competitors of McDonald's. With that information I must create a strategy evaluation report and include a summary of the effectiveness of McDonald's strategies. Are the strategies effective, if not what recommendations would be good for the McDonald's chief executive officer?

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Competitors of McDonald's, such as Wendy's, utilize a variety of different strategies in order to be competitive. Wendy's utilizes the strategy of seeking to attract the highest caliber employees that they possibly can, as well as to produce and market products that have a home-cooked feel about them. This includes the development of burgers that have the characteristics of a homemade burger, instead of a mass-produced simple looking burger. In addition, this organization seeks to produce its other food items such as its fries, in a manner that closely mimics delicious home-cooked fries etc. These competitor organizations, which include Wendy's, Hardee's, Arby's, etc., also utilize the strategy of placing their restaurants in the same areas as ...

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