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    A Mortgage Sales Business Plan

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    Assist in writing a brief business plan - a plan that is good enough to persuade the audience. It needs to be a generic mortgage sales business plan. Below is just an example the plan does not have to be the same. Something short and simple, usage of at least one graph or chart can be used.
    A. Business
    1. Description of business
    2. Marketing
    3. Competition
    4. Operating procedures
    5. Personnel
    B. Financial data
    1. Loan applications
    2. Capital equipment and supply list
    3. Balance sheet
    4. Profit and loss statements
    5. Three-year summary
    6. Detail by month, first year
    7. Detail by quarters, second and third year
    8. Pro-forma cash flow
    C. Supporting documents
    1. Tax returns of principals (partners in the business) for last three years, personal financial statements (all banks have these forms)
    2. Copy of proposed lease or purchase agreement for building space
    3. Copy of licenses and other legal documents
    4. Copy of resumes of all principals
    5. Copies of letters of intent from suppliers, etc.

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    Mortgage Loan Warrior
    To become a professional mortgage loan officer, I will need these of four ingredients in your plan: marketing, research, budgeting, and web presence. The first thing I will do is to register to create a website with a variety of calculator to calculate mortgages, loan and rates, amortization, and refinancing. http://www.mortgageloan.com/calculator/loan-credit-line-tax-savings-calculator likes mortgage loan company for example. Not many people can deal with numbers, and for some people numbers can be very confusing and also a nightmare. This website gives a good options and descriptions (including charts, amortization amounts, and number of years) for the borrower, so even people who are bad at math can do this. The Loan and Credit Line Tax Savings Calculator will let you pick your states, your loan amount, and credit score. With these information, you can determine your potential tax savings on loans or credit lines whether it is a line of credit or a mortgage loan. This will be an internet based marketing strategy that focused on social networking tools, such as Facebook or blogging. By doing so, we will save some money on the sales area. Posting an advertisement on facebook or blogging is not very expensive and you can reach up to 500,000 people. We will also need an experience web developer ...

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