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    Developing an Ethical Organizational Code of Conduct

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    Part 1: Code of Conduct

    Create a code of conduct policy for your business.

    Assignment Checklist:
    1. Prepare a framework, using concepts and values, for your Code of Conduct
    2. Incorporate any legal, social and ethical principles under which you would want your organization to operate
    3. Examine your Code to make sure that it will be operable and will empower stakeholders to make ethical decisions.

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    Table of Contents

    Section 1: Executive Summary (Business Description) 2
    Section 2: Code of Conduct 3
    Section 3: Marketing Plan (Strategy and SWOT) 4
    Section 4: Operations 5
    Section 5: Finance 6
    Section 6: Cash Flow Analysis 7
    Section 7: Information Management 8
    Section 8: Management Summary 9
    References 10
    Appendix 11

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    Section 1: Executive Summary (Business Description)
    In addition to information from Executive Summary "Business Description" from Unit 1, please include the following information in just a couple of paragraphs:

    ? Type of Business
    ? Vision
    ? Location
    ? Product/Service
    ? Competitive Advantage
    ? Marketing strategy
    ? Initial financing
    ? Start-up personnel

    Section 2: Code of Conduct
    Legal Conduct

    Legal Healthcare Considerations
    ABC Medical Supply must consider a uniform standard of behavior, that is expected of all employees within the organization, regardless of position. The code of conduct has been developed to consider legal, ethical and social aspects of workplace behavior. Expected behavior or conduct is developed from a general business perspective, as well as from a healthcare perspective. Within the healthcare industry, HIPAA regulations and concerns about patient care and confidentiality must be addressed. Third party billing to insurance providers must also be addressed. Within the general business environment, accurate accounting is a major concern. There are ethical concerns surrounding marketing, purchasing and handling of clients, as well as concerns about how co-workers interact with each other.

    Customer service and sales staff will often receive referrals to potential customers, from healthcare providers. All staff must understand the HIPAA guidelines for sharing of and handling patient health information, which will be used within ABC Medical Supply, to suggest and provide the most appropriate types of medical equipment and devices. In general, only information needed to provide optimal service, such as patient age, address, medical condition and will be utilized within ABC departments (Gomez, 2010). In the event that patient data is required to generate reports, the following identifiers will be removed from reports shared within and among departments: email IDs; social security numbers, health plan numbers, account numbers, name, address and additional contact information. Reports will simply include a customer ID number generated by ABC Medical Supply, type of equipment utilized and purchase price paid by patients or billed to insurance.

    However, more information will be required for patient insurance billing and payment processing. Access to such information will be limited to employees in the customer accounts department, as well as the department manager. Employees within this department ...

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