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    Marketing Management

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    1. Follow the path of the Apple i-pad with regard to the consumer adoption process.

    2. Define in full detail the 5 product levels.

    3. Why would Macy's (the retail store) want to co-brand? Be specific and state your reasons why.

    4. Are value networks important, why or why not? Please state a clear and concise argument for your choice.

    5. Define exclusive, selective and intensive distribution strategies and cite corporations that utilize these distribution strategies.

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    ​//In this paper, we are going to discuss about the path followed by Apple iPad regarding the consumer adoption process in the market. After discussing it, we will discuss the 5 product levels which were developed by the Philip Kotler.//

    1. Apple Inc. has launched its new product in the market by the name of Apple iPad for the customers. The iPad offered by the company in the market provides lots of new features that enable a user to remain up to date with information in the world. Apple iPad is a large multi touch screen device that offers various latest features like web, emails, photos, and videos. This Apple iPad can perform all these features in a faster way so that the users can complete their task easily (Ipad, 2010).

    With the help of these advance features, Apple can provide better services to the customers in the market. The strategy of the company is to hijack the cultural zeitgeist so that they can increase their market share in the world market. The company offers unique designs for its products to attract the customers in the market. The products of the company are sleek and enticing.

    The features offered by Apple in its ipad are latest and innovative and able to meet the expectations of the customers in the market. It is the combination of iPod and tablet PC that offers better services to the customers in the market. With the use of iPad, a user can fulfill its need of entertainment and information technology both, which is its unique feature and makes it different from its competitors in the market.

    2. In any organization, products play a very important role. Without a product, there will be no place, no pricing, no promotion and finally no business. In the marketing, Philip Kotler has developed the five levels of a product. The first level is the core benefit, which is associated with the product in the organization. The core benefits of the products are the fundamental needs and wants of the consumers, which are satisfied by him by consuming those products and services.

    The second level is the ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1379 words with references.