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    Strategic supply chain management defined

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    What value is added by the following? Rates in terms of "high", "low" or "none" and explain:

    1) Executive Management defines company strategy and allocates resources to achieve it.

    2) Supply Management coordinates the upstream supply base, finding the right suppliers and building the right relationships with them.

    3)Operations transforms the inputs acquired from suppliers into more highly valued products.

    4)Logistics moves and stores materials so they are available when and where they are needed.

    5) Marketing manages the downstream relationships with customers, identifying theri needs and communicating to them how the company can meet those needs.

    6) Human Resources designs the systems used to hire, train and develop the company's employees.

    7) Accounting maintains business records that provide information needed to control operations.

    8) finance acquires and controls the capital required to operate the business.

    9) Information Technology builds and maintains the systems needed to capture and communicate information among decision makers.

    10) Research and Development (R & D) is responsible for new product design.

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