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    Customer Relationship Management and Supply Chain Management

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    1. What are the differences between Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and E-SCM (e-Supply Chain Management) software?

    2. What are two long-term benefits of E-SCM?

    3. What are two market trends occurring in the SCM (Supply Chain Management) industry?

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    1. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software helps organizations implement effective relationship management. The term "CRM" itself is not a software application, but a strategy for doing business. Its methodologies are focused on building individual customer associations for the purpose of creating and maintaining a loyal customer base, which is responsible for a large percentage of a firm's revenue.

    CRM software works across all corporate departments to help facilitate business and harmonize customer-centric thinking in the entire organization. Inter-departmental cooperation also reduces cost, increases efficiency, and improves customer satisfaction.

    As technology has advanced, E-SCM (e-Supply Chain Management) has become an increasingly important topic to businesses. With the emergence of the global economy, today's business environment is more competitive than in the past. Relationships throughout the supply chain are integral to a successful organization. Improved communications among trading partners can result in quicker diagnosis, feedback and solutions to inventory and customer service problems.

    E-Supply Chain Management involves a firm's suppliers and customers, as well as the processes used to transfer a product or service from an order in inventory - all the way to delivery. E-SCM integrates technology, especially the Internet, in an effort to speed communication and information flow throughout the ...

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