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    Building My Own Business

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    I am running a new business. The name of it is 'Hawaii Home Away Rental.'

    I was just wondering how I can use supply chain management and customer relationship management in my business. What type of SCM and CRM systems would I be able to implement?

    Also, how can I use course assignments with this business?

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    Hawaii Home away rentals is a good concept as there is a great demand for leisure and travel services. Moreover Hawaii is a premium destination and one can get home like accommodations. There can be flexibility in terms of accommodation say one bedroom suite or a villa or something else. Effective Supply chain will help in managing the demand of the customer effectively. Effective supply chain management can save money and will help in providing good value for money to the tourists. For example premium suites can also be affordable to the tourists as it can be shared with the other tourists.

    SCM integrates supply and demand management within and across organization with suppliers and customers. It helps in co-ordination of all parties involved in delivering the combination of inputs, outputs or outcomes that will meet the needs of customers. Organization can use software to manage the supply chain ...

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