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    Global Business Marketing

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    International Marketing Plan
    Vita-Sure (hypothetical company) plans on marketing a vitamin c supplement with the added benefit of being a mosquito repellant, the name of the supplement will be Vita-C, and the target market is Mumbai, India.
    1. Develop a marketing plan/ executive summary for Vita-Sure and its product Vita-C for the Mumbai market. (850-1500 words)
    2. Develop a general overview of the market to be entered (economy, legal environment, political environment, demographics, culture, geography, infrastructure etc.). This should also include an overview of the specific industry for the product to be marketed and its competitive environment.

    3. Include at least 2 citations for your work.

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    International Marketing Plan for Vita-C
    1.0 Executive Summary
    The plan is to launch the product Vita-C in the Mumbai market. The product is a vitamin C supplement with added benefit of being a mosquito repellant. The vitamin market in Mumbai is growing at a very good rate as more as more and more people are getting health conscious. The product would provide extra benefit to customers in terms of repelling mosquitoes. As Mumbai has a coastal line where mosquitoes are present in huge numbers, customers would not have to take any extra measure to protect them.
    2.0 Situation Analysis
    Vita-Sure is performing well in the markets of the United States and Canada. The product sold by the company is of high quality and with additional benefit. Since the firm has already tapped the potential market in the U.S. and Canada, it needs to target expansion in new markets for growth. India is a perfect market as the vitamins market here is mostly fulfilled through imports. Hence foreign firms have an advantage in India.

    2.1 Market Summary

    Vita-Sure focuses on selling high quality vitamin C. It ensures that the product qualifies the Food and Drug Authority (FDA) standard. Mumbai is a preferred location of residence by many because of its fast life and good network of companies. There are many brands which offer vitamin C supplements in Mumbai like Pfizer, Glaxo, and Abbott Labs etc. These big players could eventually reduce their presence in the vitamins sector due to good price and sales provided by foreign imports.

    2.1.1 Market Demographics

    There is a wide demographic ...

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