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Rationale for a company to "go global"

What is the rationale for a company to "go global?". What is the relationship between information technology and global marketing? How has e-business affected the relationships among market participants? What are the essential marketing skills required for future marketing practitioners?

Please answer these questions in detail so I can apply the concept to what is being asked for writing a paper.

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The main rationale for a company to "go global" is to explore new territories and markets for selling their products and services. The other important reason for companies to go global is to take advantage of free trade agreements, treaties and theory of comparative advantage and find global sources of cheap and better quality raw materials, finished products and services.

In today's competitive and fast changing business environment, more and more companies are going global to face increasing competition with respect to pricing, quality, technology, innovation and variety in each sector. With the advent of modern means of communication, technology and transport, it has become imperative for big companies to have global offices and production centres. Companies want to move their base to those countries which offer them competitive and strategic advantage in terms of cost, quality as well as ...

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Rationale for a company to "go global"