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What product aspects does walmart appreciate?

You are a salesperson selling several pieces of durable, combinable, boxed furniture that are easy to assemble. However, your price is slightly higher than the competition. Prepare a sales presentation for a Walmart purchasing agent to convince the purchasing agent that Walmart needs to sell your product. Make sure you mention your competition. Your presentation should include the major points you will make. Gauge your sales presentation to your appointment time, which is 15 minutes.

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The deal with Wal-Mart is that they want to stock products that they know will sell, that take up minimal space, that are liked by clients, and bring value to the store. They also look for companies that are easy to deal with, and that have a good information system in place.

The price is only a small issue if you can convince Wal-Mart that the product is worthwhile and will be a good seller.

I will outline some of the major points which you would cover along with info about them. The presentation should be strong and convincing, and focus on the product's advantages, and how it will fit with the Wal-Mart model.

If you are building a power point slide, each point can have its own slide to emphasize the importance of each ...

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This posting looks at several product advantages that seem to fit in well with the Walmart method of selling.