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    Customer Service Expectations and Experiences

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    Customer service: Wal-Mart & Target

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    Customer Service Expectations and Experiences

    Wal-Mart & Target

    1. Identify eight to twelve general aspects of Wal-Mart & Target to assess, like:
    - Signage and postings: What are the signs, postings, or messages you see in Wal-Mart and Target shops? Are they effective?
    - Cleanliness: Is the environment clean? Are the employees clean?
    - Dress: Were employees appropriately attired? Do the employees wear identification tags? Do employees and management dress differently?
    - Diversity & culture: What aspects of diversity and culture are important to Wal-Mart & Target? Do the ages of the employees make a difference?
    - Interaction: Are the employees polite and considerate? Are they introducing themselves?
    - Time: Is the customer time valued by the employees or business?

    2. Why the general aspects you have focused on are important. Consider visiting a Wal-Mart and Target webpage for information related to their corporate value and images.

    3. Identify the most important elements between Wal-Mart and Target. What did you like? What did you not like? What would you do differently as an employee or manager?

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    From my observations shopping yesterday:

    Customer service Expectations and Experiences

    Wal-Mart & Target

    - Signage and postings: Signs posted in both stores are clear and directions are clear.

    The color on the Rollback signs are not as noticeable, and the pricing signs for Walmart almost blend into the products. The grocery signs are confusing. Paper products are not all found on one aisle in the store I was in and while paper towels were there, toilet paper was elsewhere and not listed on the overhead signs.

    For Target, the font seems more pronounced and the store signs do not always clarify the different departments. I almost did not find the toy section at all; no signs directing one to that area were visual until you were around the corner at the further most point from the entrance. I also was into several different departments before realizing where I was. No signs determining different parts of housewares.

    - Cleanliness: Both stores were clean and neat. In Walmart, even the bins were neat. Some parts of Target ...

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