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    AI Brainstorming- CRM

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    WEEK FIVE CRM-- Customer Relationship Management .

    The AI Brainstorming Conference is nearly over. In the closing discussion you will talk about your own personal experiences with companies over the years.

    Share a scenario of a company that did a great job of satisfying you (as a customer) and a scenario of a company that fell short of expectations. Explain how you would handle the unsatisfactory situation if it happened at your company.

    Select two unsatisfactory customer experiences described by your fellow participants, and explain how you would handle those situations if they happened at your company

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    Scenario of a company that did a great job of satisfying you:

    Example of a company that did a great job of satisfying me as a customer is Amazon.com. The website not only provides its customers a reliable and cheap access to wide variety of products such as books, but also provides excellent customer service as well. I have had several experiences of purchasing books from Amazon.com and every time my experience has been fascinating. The books sold over Amazon were not only cheaper than competitors, but never had any problems with respect to the quality of the product as well. Further, there was no problem with delivery of the product and it was always shipped in time. Even for a new customer, the website of Amazon is very easy to navigate and the whole purchasing process is a very smooth and enjoyable experience. Moreover, the website provides security and privacy of transactions as well.

    Scenario of a company that fell short of my expectations:

    A company ...

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    AI Brainstorming- CRM