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    Problems with information systems

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    Some say that since a song is already posted on the Internet it is okay for me to take it without buying it. Do you agree or disagree?
    What good are patents and what rights do they actually give you?
    Where do you draw the line between internal computer monitoring and the right to privacy for workers?
    Is ethics education effective or ineffective? Provide examples and evidence.
    Problem solving methodologies are proven concepts. So why is it that people would more often rather use their own methods rather than proven ones?
    What are three types of problem structure and explain why each fits into that category.
    Electronic Spreadsheets are extremely valuable in making decisions. However give some of the shortfalls of this tool and explain them.
    There have been many attempts at Artificial Intelligence over the past 50 years. What is the biggest barrier to advances in this technology?

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    1. Copying the song posted on the internet as it is without referring to the person who originally wrote it is plagiarism. Anything that is tangible and is produced, it could be text, graphics, music, video is automatically copyrighted. However, internet has been a major threat to copyright. The internet is a vast source of information which is not directly copyright material but close versions. Infact, almost everything that is posted on the internet is protected by copyright law. Hence, if the content is not free, it should be copied with permission otherwise it should be used only as per its intended use.

    2. A patent is an intellectual property right granted by the government to an inventor to exclude others from making, using, offering for sale, or selling the intervention. There are three types of patents: design patent, utility patent, and plant patent. Patents are important as they provide the inventor with:
    - Right to exclusivity
    - Right to ownership
    - Exclusive right to become licensor
    - Enforcement of litigation for infringement
    Patents encourage disclosure of innovations in the public domain for common good. Hence, patent makes the details of technology publicly available for exploitation by anyone else after the patent expires or for further improvement by other inventors.

    3. As an employer, the organization has the right to monitor employees. However, this right may be limited by the union contract and by various laws regulating employee monitoring. Employers should monitor employees only to the extent that it does ...

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