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    AI Brainstorming Conference Marketing Strategy

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    As the AI Brainstorming Conference moves into its second week, it is time to begin I'm developing a Marketing Strategy. The first two components I will discuss are Objectives and Product/Services features.

    State some good features in a product. tell how it could be innovative and different.
    What would be a good Mission Statement.
    What would be some short-term objectives (one year). Objectives need to be quantifiable.

    I have to use the SMART acronym?simple, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-specific---in formulating the objectives.

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    Product overview

    We are going to introduce a unique ready to eat/drink healthy product. We have to face the challenge of making this new product successful, which will stand the test of time and gain a stable position in a company's product portfolio. With the remarkable investment necessary for a totally new product, it is crucial that the whole subject be carefully studied. In fact, it may take years for a new product to develop from concept stage to market distribution. The search for a new product usually begins with an assessment of the prospects in the market before venturing into a full blast distribution. Thus our organization will introduce a new product called cereal o milk, a combination of milk and cereal. This is made of high quality cereals and milk best suited for kids and adult alike that will surely meet the ever growing demand for ready to eat healthy snack food. The product will be reasonably priced.

    Features of the product

    Ready to eat snack food is one of the major focuses of food ...

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    The solution states good features in a product and creates a mission statement for Al Brainstorming Conference.