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    AI Brainstorming Conference- Homework Help business

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    You have been invited to attend the American Intercontinental Brainstorming Conference, a meeting of elite entrepreneurs and marketing executives. You will use this forum to discuss a new product you wish to launch and the marketing plan you will develop over the next five weeks. Since nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements have been signed, this venue provides a unique opportunity to share ideas with peers about your product.

    What product, good, or service will you be working with? Provide details about the company and its products. (Remember that you will be working with the company for the next 5 weeks)

    Give advice to at least two other participants. You may have some great ideas that can help another individual or perhaps there are some questions you need to be ask about a product.

    Be sure to pick a product or company that is ready to market. If you are developing a new product, assume that the development phase is over and you are ready to launch the product into the marketplace. Please remember that this assignment is all about--marketing the product or service to your target customer group and we'll be going through the steps to do that.

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    AI Brainstorming Conference- Homework Help business