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How Walmart uses distribution channel to support its product

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How does Walmart use channels of distribution to support its products or services. Explain the importance of product and place in the development of marketing strategy and tactics in general.

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<br>How does Walmart use channels of distribution to support its products or services?
<br>Walmarts two step hub and spoke distribution network started with a Walmart truck bringing the merchandise to a distribution centre, where it was sorted for delivery to a Walmart store-usually within 48 hrs of the original request. The merchandise replenishment process originated at the point of sale, with information transmitted via satellite to Walmart headquarters or to supplier distribution centres. About 80% of purchases for Walmart stores were shipped from its own 27 distribution centres-as opposed to 50% for Kmart. The balance was delivered directly from suppliers, who stored merchandise for Walmart stores and billed the company when the merchandise left the warehouse. A technique known as cross docking was being introduced to transfer products directly from in bound vehicles to store bound vehicles, enabling goods to ...

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