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Marketing channels

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My company produces variety of snacks foods including potato chips, pretzel, and dried fruits. The company has production facilities in Georgia, Virginia, and Massachusetts. The company uses a variety of package sizes for its products, including large "family packs" and individual size servings. The company has targeted general the Eastern Region of the U.S. as it primary target area and wants to get intensive coverage in this market area. I need to describe at lease three (3) possible marketing channels that the company might want to consider using for this physical distribution of the products and briefly explain why I think the company might want to consider using each one.

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Three possible marketing channels for physical distribution of the products are:

1) Large stores like Walmart: The primary advantage of distribution the products via such large departmental stores is the benefit of extensive reach and coverage provided by sych stores. These stores such as Walmart are scattered all over the region and are usually preferred by consumers to purchase such products which are manufactured by the above mentioned company. ...

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Marketing channels