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    Marketing channels and intermediaries; channel structures for Apple products

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    1. Why are marketing channels and intermediaries necessary? With companies selling directly to customers over the internet in increasing numbers, is this always a good thing? Why do channel arrangements sometimes need to be modified over time?

    2. Apple stores sell directly to customers, but you can also purchase Apple products through a number of different retailers. Why do you think Apple has chosen both a zero level channel structure and a multi-level channel structure? What marketing benefits does Apple get through having a brick and mortar store?

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    Reasons why marketing channels and intermediaries are necessary:

    A marketing channel is a set of practices that are important in the shifting of goods from the producer to the consumers. The marketing channel intermediaries are the individuals or organizations who are a part of the exchange process. The use if this will enable the transfer the commodities from the point of production to the point of consumption. The institutions and all promotion activities that are involved in the marketing channels facilitate the exchange of the products from the producer to the consumers. In the management, the marketing channel is very crucial (Sharma, 2011).

    The reasons why the marketing channels and intermediaries are very crucial in the organization are; it create a link between the producers and the consumers, the channel performs the sales, advertising and even the promotion of the goods on behalf of the organization. This saves the organization a lot valuable time and enables them to embark on other important activities that will promote the activities of the company. The marketing channels influence the pricing strategies of the organization by providing the accurate views of the target customers in the market. Through the marketing strategies, the products strategies of the company are impacted through the branding of the products, and the policies. ...

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    Marketing channels and intermediaries for Apple products are examined.