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Creating and marketing a television commercial

You are in charge of creating a television advertisement for a corporate product/service of your choice. Describe what that commercial would look like vis a vis the following:

What techniques would you use to create a desirable value proposition in the customers' eyes?
What foundation could you lay for future customer retention?
What would be the 'tone' tactics of your ad (e.g. fear, humor, factual no-nonsense, etc.) and why?

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Value Proposition

I would make sure that I have a product that stands out. A product is valuable if it hinges upon what consumers need at the moment. As a result of necessity being the mother of invention, it is only fair to have an innovative product that relies upon the high demand of necessity. For the most part, the value proposition should ensure the customer that the brand is guaranteed to deliver adequate results that exceed customer expectations. The objective is to answer the nationwide question of "why should I buy your product?" According to Vadim Kotelnikov (2010) a products propositioning must be enticing to the customer. For example, Maybelline is a leader in promoting cosmetics; they offer high quality mascara that promotes fuller lashes with less clumping. Maybelline immediately acclimates the appropriate marketing segment ...

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The expert creates and markets a television commercial. The techniques used to create a desirable value proposition in the cusomters' eyes are determined.