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Assisted Living Marketing Plan

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Marketing Plan Focus

Comprehensive marketing plan for a healthcare service or product. At a minimum, the marketing plan shall include the following:

1. Management Summary
2. Economic Projections
3. The Market - Qualitative
4. The Market - Quantitative
5. Trend Analysis
6. Competition
7. Problems and Opportunities
8. Goals and Objectives
9. Action Programs

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Below is an example marketing plan. I used my company as an example for this paper. Please do some research and fill in the areas marked with @@.

Management Summary

@@COMPANY@@ is committed to providing a caring, safe and structure differential environment for adults with @@DISABILITY@@ that develops responsible and independent adults. Our structure differential includes a @@SERVICES@@. In continuing with our structure differential, @@COMPANY@@ wishes to establish a Residential Care Apartment Complex (RCAC) to provide further independence to those clients that have maintained independence and psychological stability. The RCAC would consist of supportive care with limited supervision. @@LIST SERVICES HERE INCLUDING WHAT STAFF AND ADMINISTRATORS WOULD PROVIDE@@ Marketing this new addition to the corporation would increase referrals as county social workers and care management organizations would be inclined to place their clients in facilities with unlimited opportunities for growth. Because of the state-wide budget deficits, placement agencies are hesitant to pay for assisted living services. Instead, these agencies are looking to place clients in supportive apartments, which ultimately cost the agency less.

Economic Projections

The main economic factor that will affect the marketing of this service includes the purchasing power of the placement agencies as state and county funding is what determines the amount of referrals the corporation receives. Other factors include those that affect the capital of Deer Path Estates Health Care Systems, Inc. such as financial expectations, interest rates, loan approval, cost to build or lease, etc.

That Market Qualitative

The primary client groups our RCAC will serve include: @@DISABILITY@@ These clients will have social workers through their county or care management organization. Our marketing needs to be geared towards that clientele, as well as their placement agencies. All placement agencies in the State of @@STATE@@ are potential customers, though we want to focus most of our attention to the larger counties who are more likely to fund for assisted living services.

Our web address is already in the hands of our target market, and their placing agencies, so a new page for our addition will be added to our current website. All counties in the State of Wisconsin (THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF OUR COMPANY... please do your own research) are potential clients, though we want to focus most of our attention to the larger counties who are more likely to fund for assisted living services. Referrals are made by the client's social worker, are either accepted or declined by our administrator, and then financially approved by the placing county's fiscal department. Payments are made by the county or other agency, placing the client in our facility. The potential size can be as many as all 72 counties in Wisconsin; however, the most likely will result in the five counties that place the greatest in our current facilities. **Please note that I am using my personal company as an example here.

The Market Qualitative

There are approximately @@NUMBER (DO SOME RESEARCH)@@ Residential Care Apartment Complexes in @@STATE@@, but only @@NUMBER@@ in the surrounding areas, all of which are marketed to seniors and retirees. There are no available RCAC's for adults in our serving category. Although it is impossible to list the number of potential clients, it is estimated that approximately five clients per year leave our current facilities after becoming fully rehabilitated and transferred to a RCAC. If all 10 residences are full, we should expect additional annual revenue of 182,500 dollars (this is just an example... complete research on the number of residencies and annual revenue).

(THIS IS INFO TAKEN FROM MY CURRENT COMPANY) Our company understands that there are clients that require a great deal of assistance while there are others that are fully capable only requiring medication organization and weekly checks. Our rate would be a low of 1,400 dollars per month and a high of 3,069 per month (based on a 50 dollar and 99 dollar per day difference depending on client needs). The average low ...

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This solution includes a sample marketing plan for an assisted living facility (health care facility). Four references are included.

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