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    Marketing: Create customer loyalty; measuring sales performance

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    1. How do you create customer loyalty? How could a consumer behavior cause a need for changes to your sales plan? What consumer behaviors have caused you in the past to make a change to your plan?

    2. What are some effective methods for measuring sales performance? How often do you plan on measuring your sales performance? How will you test if your sales performance is matching your sales goals?

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    Customer loyalty:
    The key success element of a business is the customer base. In order to increase the customer base, it is necessary for an organization to create customer loyalty. There are various ways through which customer loyalty can be created such as communication, customer services, customer incentives, product awareness, employee training etc. The incentive and services to the customer would cause an increase in the customers' value that would create loyalty (Linton, 1993). On the other hand, training to the employees would be effective to interact with the customers that would create customer loyalty. The customers should also be communicated for the new products and services of the organization with an appropriate mean of the communication. The most effective element to create the customer loyalty is solving their problems promptly and effectively (Ten Tips to Build Customer Loyalty, 2010).

    Customer behavior:
    The sales plan includes various strategies related to pricing, market segment, and target market etc. that are set according the customer requirements and needs. Pricing is one of the most prominent parts of the sales plan that is directly related to the purchase behavior of the consumer. The respond of the consumer towards the prices of the products and services causes a change in organization's ...

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