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    Target Corporation

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    TV Commercials - Target Stores
    Pricing and positioning are important Ps in marketing.

    A. look at thetwo Target commercials. outline all you can think of about pricing and positioning that may be relevant to how target goes to market.

    B. Do you think Target has done agood job of matching positioning and pricing? explain why?


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    During this Holiday Season, Target's marketing campaign has focused on positioning themselves are a retailer that is able to deliver high-end electronics, toys, accessories and home décor while still delivering the value position of being the deep discounter of choice when making retail purchases. Target has launched an impressive commercial campaign on both the internet and television, one of which depicts a tween who is unexpectedly given more gifts than she ...

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    The expert examines target corporation of TV commercials. Pricing and positioning are important Ps in marketing are examined.