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    Target's Ethics Program

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    Evaluate the organization's ethics program based on the following elements:
    Code of ethics

    APA format and two power point slide presentation. Company chosen: Target corporation

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    Target Corporation's Code of Ethics
    Target prides itself on the high ethical standards maintained while conducting business throughout the world. Their ethical code includes ensuring their products are made legally and within the full compliance of United States law, local laws in the countries they deal in. Target is a member of the National Retail Federation whose core principles have been implemented into their own standards and practices (Target Corporation, 2008). Target seeks only to do business with other organizations that are as committed to high ethical standards which include (Target Corporation, 2008):
    ? Provide employees with a safe and healthy workplace.
    ? Adopt non-discrimination principles and limit work hours.
    ? Pay fair wages.
    ? Renounce forced ...

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    This solution discusses the ethic's program within the Target Stores Corporation. It includes a discussion of the code of ethics and training. The solution is approximately 400 words with two citations and includes a powerpoint presentation.