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Example Marketing Questions

Important note: Please answer the following question writing between 200 to 300 words to each questions.

1. Why is it important for a business to consider alternative marketing tactics when developing an IMC campaign? What are some of the strengths of each type of communication? Give examples.

2. What are some of the current trends impacting the effectiveness of advertising? What impact does emerging technology have? What are the changes in consumer behavior currently being affected?

3. What is CPM? Why is CPM important? What are some of the differences between "total cost of CPM" and "cost per rating point"?

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1) Consumers are bombarded by advertising. They can be exposed to commercials (tv and radio), billboards, telemarketing... All of these more 'traditional' methods of advertising are losing their effectiveness with consumers.

Thus, marketers need to get creative in order to attract their consumers, especially in an IMC strategy. IMC is a plan where all of the marketing techniques are consistent with each other, and have a similar look and feel.

For example, a instead of airing a 30 second commercial, the marketer can create 5 second teaser ads. If they have several of these ads running with a consistent theme, it will really attract the attention of consumers. For example, there could be a voice saying "time to get clean". No further info will be given in these 5 second ads. They will be intrigued as to what is being advertised, and are more likely to find out more info.

As well, they could develop a mysterious website liked to the 5 second commercials. If you are selling soap, instead of calling your url, they can come up with a unique and intriguing url such as People will be curious to see what the website is and might be more willing to visit the site.

As well connected to the theme, they could hire a car to drive around the city. The car looks very dirty, and then it could look like a ...

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