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Marketing Theory

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Hi, I will have the Marketing Theory next week and our lecturer have provide hot topic might appear on the exam, and I want to ask for help, if these question shows on the paper, I want ask for some advice , what kind of questions might be about these hot topic, what should I answer, and the guidelines about how to answer, also, what theory,criticism and example that I could provide in the exam ?

Please kindly find the attachment for the hot topic, if you need more document and information, please let me konw. Thank you so much for your kindly help:)

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Step 1
Regarding the history of marketing thought the questions can be related to the birth of marketing, the traditional schools of marketing, and the modern schools. You must be able to identify the key features of each school and should know the timeline. For example, the use of the word marketing has been traced to 1884.In 1920 there was an integration of the principles of marketing, and in 1960s there was differentiation on the basis of managerialism, holism, and internationalism. You should know that in 1970s there was adaptation of marketing principles to social change. You should know when the managerial school emerged, the consumer buyer behavior school developed, and the social exchange school emerged. You should also be ready to identify some of the later development of marketing such as CRM and IMC during 1990s, and the prominence of integrated marketing in 2000s. You may also be asked questions relating to the evolution of marketing from production orientation to relationship orientation.

Step 2
Marketing science refers to study of consumer needs by using tools and techniques of science than through techniques used in humanities. You must make yourself familiar with the scientific method.
The traditional marketing paradigm was to determine the consumer's needs and producing those ...

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