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Marketing Theory and Technology

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Hello I need help developing a response to the following three questions:

1) Which marketing theory did you find most useful or important in your research? Why do you believe that this theory is useful or important? Have you had any experience with this theory in your current or former organizations?

2) What effects does technology have on marketing? Provide at least two examples. Are these effects positive, negative, or both? Explain.

3) What challenges and opportunities have globalization brought upon marketing? Provide examples. Forecast some potential challenges or opportunities in moving forward.

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Marketing Theory and Technology are explained in a structured manner in this response. The answer includes references used.

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(1) The marketing theory that I found most useful or important in my research was the Theory of Planned Behaviour. According to this theory, the intentions towards behaviours can be predicted with high accuracy from attitudes towards behaviour, subjective norms, and perceived behaviour control. This explains how important behavioural, normative, and control beliefs about behaviour are influenced by a number of socio-demographic factors, such as cultural, personal and situational factors. This theory is important because using cultural, personal and situational factors can help predict the behaviour of individuals. In my research, I determined that the product appealed to students. I recommended that its marketing mix elements should be directed at students. This will help improve the sales of the organization. Example: My current employer makes moulded plastic ...

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