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Choice of marketing channels - Canesta Company

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Let us say you are the director of Canesta Company that developed a virtual keyboard out of light to be used with cell phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs). The product beams an image of a keyboard on a desk, allowing the user to type on the image. The words are picked up by the user's digital device. When introduced to the market, the device will sell for less than $50. If, in choosing its channel, Canesta is most concerned about its lack of financial, managerial, and marketing resources to support the product's introduction, then its choice of channels will largely be influenced by:
a. factors of ownership

b. market factors

c. producer factors

d. product factors

e. internal environmental characteristics

Explain and justify why you choose any of these options?

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The choice of marketing channels in Canesta Company are examined.

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b. market factors
The producer and product factors are largely controlled by Canesta ...

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