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Early product life cycle issues

A) Canesta has developed a virtual keyboard out of light to be used with cell phones and personal digital assistants. The product beams an image of a keyboard on a desk allowing the user to type on the image. The words are picked up by the user's digital device. Canesta is the pioneering firm in the field and is troubled by economic concerns. Production and promotional costs are high, and profits are negative. Such poor business performance is typical of firms in the introductory stage of the product life cycle. Based on your reflective thinking, is the above statement true or false. Please explain your option or choice why you think the statement is true or false?

b) Deidre Longo has just accepted a position at a major entertainment venue where she is responsible for selling season tickets. Formerly, she was a salesperson for a company that sold sound systems for arenas, stadiums, and theaters. She believed she understood why theater managers bought certain products but realizes selling tickets to individuals will be different. What is one of the key differences she can expect to find?

a. The customer will select and evaluate entertainment on the basis of search qualities.
b. Customers are engaged in this as a low-involvement product.
c. A consumer will use experience qualities to evaluate the entertainment service.
d. The use of the service will involve standardized service levels and not exhibit heterogeneity problems.
e. The location of Longo's office is a key strategy criterion.

Explain and justify why you choose any of these options?

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Question A
Yes, this statement is true. As the product is being introduced in the market, the company has to spend much on ...

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