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Sample marketing exam, which includes and explanation

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Sample marketing exam, which includes and explanation of each answer.

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1)I would say d. Data might be outdated if it was collected a while ago, it could be inconsistent, and it could be unreliable if it was not collected properly.

2) Reliability is the consistency of a set of measurements or measuring instrument, often used to describe a test, so A.

3) Response errors result from data that have been requested, provided, received or recorded incorrectly. The response errors may occur because of inefficiencies with the questionnaire, the interviewer, the respondent or the survey process. Reporting error does not exist, sampling error occurs when you do not have a random sample, and computation error does not fit the description, so c.

4) The mean fluctuates when there is high or low scores. Median and mode remain unaffected, so c.

5) When the mean, median and mode are all identical, then it is a perfectly symmetrical distribution (a)

6)Pareto charts are used in quality control measures, so that does not work.
A pie chart means that all of the option equal 100%, which does not fit as well.
A bar chart might not be the best since we will be looking at a large number of bars.

I think the line chart is best since you can visually see the line increase or decrease over ...

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Sample marketing exam, which includes and explanation of each answer.