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    Key Attributes of WalMart's Products/Services

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    Using the company Walmart: Identify Key Attributes of Walmart's products/services (e.g., rational or emotional attributes like color, style, status, etc), 300+word count

    Also include charts or graphs (whichever easier), and a written interpretation of the findings.

    Please use this website and/or other website for references/sources for retrieving information, if you want this website is not mandatory to reference information


    APA format, cite references etc...

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    Product Description: Wal-Mart

    Key Attributes of Wal-Mart's Products
    The range of products and services served by Wal-Mart is very wide and includes almost all types of FMCG good such as grocery items, soaps, games, accessories, cosmetics, etc. According to the mission of the company, Wal-Mart has worked on the strategy of the preference of the customers (Wal-Mart: Save Money, Live Better, 2008). The company serves its customer as per their need and requirements. At this time company also considered various aspects such as rationale of customers, emotions, etc. to retain a large group of customers. The food and fashion products of the company are completely based on the perception of the customers (Harper, 2004).
    According to the report of Wal-Mart Food: Big, and Getting Bigger, the grocery and drug department if the ...

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    The solution examines the key attributes of WalMart's product and services.