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Growth Extension Strategies

What market and competitor characteristics distinguish each of the major growth extension strategies? Consider the following: Leaders: Fortress/position defense strategy Flanker strategy Confrontation strategy Market expansion Contraction/strategic withdrawal Followers: Frontal attack strategy Leapfrog strategy

Share Growth Strategy IV

Identify the following challengers' share-growth strategies exhibited in the scenario and provide a rationale for the response (Encirclement example).

Marketing: Performance Dimensions

Identify and describe the three primary performance dimensions that are important to business unit managers and then compare low-cost defenders with prospectors in terms of these primary performance dimensions.

I need help finding an ARTICLE on MARKETING STRATEGY and TACTICS

I need your help finding an article that discusses the relationship between marketing research and marketing strategy and tactics. And I also need your help in summarising the article and how would i describe the purpose of the marketing reseach and assessing the importance of this research in relation to the organizations ma

Analyze and ad in terms of strategy, creativity and execution: SECA ULTIMA car

Hi, I'm looking for a second opinion on analyzing an ad (i posted this yesterday) In my readings it says, the keys to a great ad are: Strategy, Creativity and Execution. Please analyze the attached ad in those terms: To whom is the ad targeted to? Why is the ad there in the first place? Is the ad informing? If so how

Market Research tools

Health Canada is trying to reduce teen smoking in Canada. They thus try to find out what teens feel about smoking and what it takes to help them stop smoking. However teens seem to be allergic to traditional market research tools such as focus groups or surveys. Suggest 2 creative ways that may help Health Canada get teens to

Marketing Ethics

In the case of Chonda-Za 1) In what way is Chonda-Za's operation ethically defensible and indefensible? How does the ethical defensibility depend on the ethical criteria being used? How can this be applied to real life examples? 2) In what ways does the case represent and misrepresent the nature of marketing communicati as a channel of distribution

Visit Provide a detailed analysis of the three characteristics of BizRate that makes it different from traditional channels of distribution. Identify three factors that account for its incredible success as a channel of distribution. Identify one factor that may hinder its success.

Detailed Analysis of Jones Soda's Innovation

1) Explain the ways in which Jones Soda is (and/or is not) a big idea in the soft drink industry. Use theories/frameworks of innovation to support this view (ie: continuous innovation/knock-off/dynamically continuous/discontinuous.) Examine to what extent Jones soda has created a new market space in the industry. (http://www.

Marketing Literature Review: How companies determine sample size?

I would appreciate some guidelines to start writing this project. I did search at least 10 articles about sampling in journals such as the "Journal of Marketing Research" without success. These articles are too general and are very limited about the properties of research method. I would like to see whether sequential

Related Set of Condition Applications

Question 3 "Cacao Merivigliao."1 Several years ago, Italian consumers flocked to grocery stores to buy "Cacao Merivigliao" (Marvelous Cocoa) only to find that the product didn't exist. The creation of the writers of Italian national TV's "Indietro Tutta" ("Everything Backwards - or AFull Speed Astern") variety show, the mythi

Declining sales

What are the main areas you would look at, when the sales of a companies main product range are declining? A brief description of the main areas is all I'm after. Thanks Mick


Describe factors that influence the organizational buyers and consumers' purchasing decisions new products. An example I have used is a robotic vacume cleaner.


We've all discussed the ads that are obnoxious or annoying; now how about we discuss some ads that work. The most effective marketing campaign I have seen in recent months is for John Hancock Insurance. The television ads show children talking about what they want to be when they grow up; the slogan is, "It's not your life you


I spent all day today flying, and I noticed how companies market the captive audience on an airplane. For instance, I flew United, and they served only Pepsi products. With my breakfast meal, they included Eclipse Mints for after the meal and a bag of Starbucks ground coffee for passengers to take home and enjoy. The airlines

Marketing: Discussing Distribution Channels

Question: Can you please explain what the channels of distribution (place) of a product or service for a specific organization entail. Also can you please suggest an article and explain how this organization's channels of distribution support its product or service.

Corporate Market Share: WalMart & K-Mart

Choose a business that you patronize and discuss why you prefer that store to the competition-be brand specific. Gather intelligence to improve your chosen company's market share


If a marketer were marketing to you, how would you describe yourself in terms of the target market? (Please be specific with demographic information) (This is not meant to be intrusive, but to understand the dynamics of target marketing) Why? Discuss two products (please be brand specific) currently being marketed that are t

Need to answer the following question

You're a marketing manager at Starbucks, which just raised its prices by an average of 11%. Your boss wants to know what integrated marketing communications (IMC) vehicles you will emphasize to maintain the company's growth despite customer unhappiness with the price boost. Why did you choose those tools? What basic messag

Segmenting Markets

There exists various criteria that marketers use to segment markets. How could one or more of these criteria be used in an unethical way?

Marketing questions

1. The "universal" functions of marketing _____. a. are usually performed in the same way and by the same type of institutions in all macro-marketing systems b. can sometimes be eliminated in very efficient macro-marketing systems c. must be performed in both market directed and planned economic systems d. must a


Background: NEW PRODUCT IDEA (Online cosmetic surgery advice and solutions): We will have one set of cosmetic surgery doctors who will remain online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, give online advice to the site visitor. Show them with the help of pictures and videos the improvement that can be made, quote a price for the c

Forecasting Estimated Potentials

Please see attached.- If you cannot open I have copied and pasted below but the formatting is off. I need to understand the case study below and define the central issue, select forecasting and estimating tools for consideration, analyze considerations and determine their relative importance; recommend and defend the best tec

Marketing Strategy: Step-Wise Approach

Background: New Product Idea: Online cosmetic surgery advice and solutions. This will have one set of cosmetic surgery doctors who will remain online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, give online advise to the site visitor. Show them with the help of pictures and videos the improvement that can be made, quote a price for the c

Marketing Management I

DIRECTIONS: Select a new product idea for a new small business; a new product idea for an existing operation; or an existing product that you would like to market to a new segment or in a new way. As you consider your selection, evaluate the amount of information available for the product and market segment that you intend to