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    Marketing Database Privacy Issues

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    In APA format, what are some of the personal and business-related privacy issues associated with the growth in database marketing and how should they be addressed?

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    Privacy Issues

    "Large and small organizations alike are building databases with an eye toward increasing their marketing efficiency and improving their customer service. But the gathering of information for those databases has led to increasing concern about privacy violations. Although previous studies have examined the privacy issue from the consumer's point of view, there has been little research from business's perspective." (Milne 1998)

    This statement from Milne advises that companies want to know their customers, which is fine. The issue is when the companies sell the personal data to marketing companies who process the information and market certain consumer trends. Is this an invasion of privacy? Not if the information was given willingly. If I willingly give my information to a company, like filling out a survey or signing up for a ...

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