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Data Mining in Internet Marketing

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Can someone please provide some assistance with this question. It is for an MBA course. It needs to be between 550 and 650 words. Name some of the drawbacks to the four data mining techniques used in Internet marketing? Thank you so much in advance for your help. I really do appreciate it.

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According to Qi (2001), there are four data mining methods in general:
1. Predictive Modeling - the process of analyzing an existing database to identify the key characteristics of the data. It has two phases: training and testing. (techniques: decision tree and rules or neural networks)
2. Link Analysis - can be identifying trends by analyzing a collection of records. Techniques used for this analysis: sequential/temporary pattern analysis or association rules technique.
3. Database Clustering/Segmentation - grouping together by creating a partition, making sure all members of the same metrics are grouped together (neural and demographic clustering)
4. Deviation Detection - from a data consisting of a normative value, analysts discover the ...

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* Four (4) data mining methods defined
* Drawback of the data mining methods example
* Issues in data mining
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