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E-business, employee surveillance, privacy, database security

DQ#1: Please answer and expand the content for the following questions presented in the lecture.

· What information about oneself should an individual be required to reveal to others?
· What kind of surveillance can an employer use on its employees?
· What things can people keep to themselves and not be forced to reveal to others?
· What information about individuals should be kept in databases, and how secure is the information there?

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This is a little hard to answer because it can relate to a number of privacy issues and concerns.
<br>http://www.cpsr.org/program/privacy/privacy8.htm is a web site that discusses Electronic Privacy Principles, it gives some general guidelines for Employers, Service Providers, Web page owners, etc. This article states the following:
<br>Courts have upheld the right of the employer to monitor any and all employee communciations ...

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The expert examines e-business, employee surveillance, privacy and database security. The information about individuals that should be kept in databases are determined.