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Define direct marketing and give some real world examples

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In APA format, Define direct marketing and give some real world examples. Use references.

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First, let us define direct marketing:

- Marketing via a promotion delivered directly to the individual prospective customer (wordnet.princeton.edu/perl/webwn)

In other words, direct marketing occurs when you contact your customer directly to promote your item. The goal in direct marketing is actually to direct your customers to your product - perhaps send them to your website, influence them to come to your store, have them request further information from you, or perhaps entice them to read your newsletter.

How is this different than other types of advertising? For example, when you have a TV commercial, it gets broadcast to millions of people. Same with a radio ad, or a print ad in a magazine. Here you are throwing your message out the public. In direct marketing, you actual send your message directly to your client on an individual basis.

How do we do this (i.e. contact them directly?) There are a few ways contact your customers directly:

Traditional Mail:
- This is the most common type of direct marketing - you would send your clients mail advertising your product or service. You could send out fliers, coupons, booklets, catalogues, circulars... A company would create one universal product and send it via mail to people in the targeted region. Often, this mail maybe be seen as ...

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