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    Ethical Issues in Research

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    I need some help answering these questions:
    1. What types of ethical issues arise when an organization conducts research? How would you ethically research the solution to a strategic problem facing an organization using various research methodologies?
    2. Can you give two examples of an ethical issues in a real world research situation?
    3, Can you define methodology?

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    1. Ethical issues during the researches are generally related with patents and rights. Organizations tend to acquire these patents because they give them competitive advantages in the industry and avoid others to imitate their products, services etc... by using their researches. So organizations need to learn the details and restrictions of the information they use in their researches. The ethical solution is to contact with the party who has the legal rights and acquire permission before using it in a research. Another ...

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    This solution has over 300 words to distinguish the different types of ethical issues in research, give examples of real world research situations and also define the concept of methodology. The references used are included.